We can source almost any thing you want from India.

A. Vendor Evaluation
Providing unmatched quality products at the most economical price that suit your requirement just perfectly, is a paramount consideration for Apex Overseas. To achieve this end, the company undertakes a rigorous vendor evaluation while sourcing its merchandise from various sources.

B. Product development
Being well conversant with Indian market, we help you reach the exact source to develop your designs. All trade related aspects such as handling samples, approvals, purchase orders etc are efficiently taken care of. We shall keep you acquainted with the latest range of products that meet your specifications.

C. Merchandising and Order follow up
Thanks to our close ties with various factories and traders, our experienced liaison makes it a priority to track your orders efficiently, on a timely basis and consequently, keep you abreast with the status of your orders.

D. Quality Control
Quality is the hallmark of Apex Overseas, hence the in-house inspectors undertake on-line inspections of the merchandise right from the time the goods are selected till the final packing.

Ladies Apparels
Skirts / Shorts
E. Customer Care
We provide office and other necessary resources to our clients, when they come to India on a business trip and endeavor to make their stay comfortable and fruitful.

Apex Overseas : A name to reckon with.
Once at Apex, we can rest assure you have arrived at the right place if you are looking for:

A professional "buying agency" to coordinate, merchandise, and undertake quality control of your purchases from India.
Quality and reliability; the buzzwords doing the rounds in today's highly competitive world.
Single point administration control of all your vendors!
Reduced costs and time saving.

Apex Overseas has been acting as the sole service representative of its UK and USA based international clients in India,. With an immensely satisfied clientele who stand testimony to its unmatched services, Apex Overseas is committed to serve its clients for years to come, to the best of their satisfaction!

So, go ahead and make Apex Overseas your Local Office in India.